Inspiration Needed?

Need to feel excited about your life? About the world? Need to energize your sense of adventure? There’s that sense that anything is possible, like today is the start of everything and you can take the world by storm. Do you know it? Most of the time it alludes us, but for me the best way to experience it is to travel somewhere new. To get lost in a crowd of a park square or forget the time looking at an old cathedral. To climb a new mountain or see a new coastline. Leave the every day, the routine, the rut behind.

But how often do we really get to do all these things?! In the meantime, I turn towards my favorite movies and books. I haven’t brainstormed enough of the books yet, so today I’ll just share with you the movies that make me want to seek out the unknown. It might be the panoramic landscape shots, the tastes of a new culture or just the theme of being a stranger in a strange land that makes these films top on my list. Let me know what you think! What are your favorites?


Don’t you want to see the world now?





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