What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

It’s almost Halloween people! It’s time to get thinking about your costume. Most people start thinking about sort of clever, funny costume or something really gory or scary. I have no capacity for these things. I am completely incapable of thinking of funny or scary costumes… except around the first or second week of November. But I never write these things down.

I have only ever dressed up for Halloween as  someone I would really like to be when I grow up. The two exceptions to this are the year I dressed up as a Kit-Kat bar and once I was a strawberry daiquiri. (As you would expect, it’s incredibly lame to dress up as a daiquiri.) The first costume I remember was when I was three. I dressed up as a witch. I wasn’t scary though. I was magnificent and magical. My tall black hat was covered in gold stars and moons. I’ve also been a Dancing Boot (our high school’s dance team- my sister was a Dancing Boot in high school aka I wanted to be my sister), Laura Ingalls Wilder, Belle from Beauty and the Beast (Rags to riches princess who loves to read? Yes, please.), a Greek goddess (Athena), a Victoria’s Secret model (poor choice, I know), a Pan Am stewardess, and Rosie the Riveter. These are just the ones I can remember.

Each of these costumes was something I, at one point ,really wanted to be. Laura Ingalls? Of course I wanted to be a strong pioneer woman! Athena? Goddess of wisdom, hello! Victoria’s Secret model? I was in high school and just wanted to be and feel sexy. Neither of these things is accomplished by wearing slutty underwear around town. Pan Am stewardess? This is what I think I would have done if I had lived in the late 50s, early 60s. I would have felt unable to follow a traditional family oriented plan of action but wouldn’t have been rebellious enough to just throw caution to the wind and become a beatnik poet/hippie.

This year, I’m at it again. In the spirit of one of my favorite films I’m going to find a way to be Rockford Peach. Watch out y’all!

So what do you want to be when you grow up?


dottie smile

Look at those Dancing Boots! Go Demons!

Look at those Dancing Boots! Go Demons!

Last year's Rosie the Riveter costume!

Last year’s Rosie the Riveter costume!


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