Do You Love Books? No, Like Really Love Books?

Sometimes I need a reminder that I really love books. That may seem ridiculous but in a world where with sites like Pinterest and Netflix, I get distracted. Sometimes I forget that I’m midway through Beach Music by Pat Conroy right now because when I got home from work and my mind was totally dead I opened a beer and my laptop so I could zone out to Orange is the New Black. Damn you sexy dark comedies! (Don’t deny your crush on Laura Prepon’s character Alex.) But next week comes one of the those much needed reminders- the Texas Book Festival! The Texas Book Festival is a two day festival celebrating literature. There’s opportunities to listen to authors read, get books signed, see cooking demonstrations and listen to great local music!

Since I moved to Austin I’ve wanted to volunteer with the Festival. This year I am! You can help out too! Volunteers are still needed. Just check out the Texas Book Festival’s volunteer page.

If you like your literature with excitement… and beer, check out the LitCrawl. The LitCrawl puts authors in more relaxed, intimate situations such as doing readings at local bars around Austin. But they do even more than that by hosting things like Nerd Jeopardy or Sexist Bingo with authors participating in these as well. My first year in Austin I saw Chuck Palahniuk! Maybe you’ll want to relive your childhood and listen to R.L. Stine do a reading in a graveyard. (Not my childhood. I was so scared of Goosebumps that I had to sit in the hallway during classroom reading time.) Pretty cool!

So do you love books? Like, really love books? Then you probably need to check it out.

So many books... Where to start?

So many books… Where to start?


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