A few years ago when I getting ready to have my first holiday away from home, my dad introduced me to the idea of the family you choose. He said at some point we all create new families, different from the ones you are born to. It doesn’t just mean when you marry and start a family of your own. He used the example of the best friends he’d made in school and how they became a sort  of family. They’re the kind of friends I’ve called uncle. 

I wasn’t sure what this meant at first for me. Who was my new family?To what group would I belong?  It has since become very clear. I was very lucky when I came to Austin to fall pretty quickly into a group of friends that over time has established itself as a sort of family. There are no mothers, fathers, brothers or sisters, but there are arguments and laughter, eye-rolling and teasing. There are family dinners around the table. 

It is impossible in such a large family for everyone to be present at the holidays, but I was lucky enough to be with many of them yesterday. And for friends and feasts and love, I am thankful. 



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