Some People You Choose to be Family

One of the hardest parts of moving away from home is the loss of community you feel. Even if you leave home because you’d like space from your family there is a still a feeling of disconnection from the familiar. It’s disorienting. You don’t know what to reach out and hold on to when things feel tough or even who to celebrate with when you want to share a joy.

After I lived in Austin about eight or so months some of my roommates and their friends began going out to dinner every week. Soon every week we were meeting at someone’s house to decide where to eat over a beer on the front porch. Now it’s developed any further. Every Thursday one member of our little tribe cooks a full meal for whoever shows up at their front door. Sometimes it’s ten people or sixteen people or three.

This is now my family dinner. We check in with one another over big comforting meals and cold beers. Here is where everyone feels safe to be themselves and tell the sad and happy stories of their week. Here is the place where you understand what it means to choose your family.

This has become my favorite night of the week so at one “supper club” member’s suggestion I will try my best to start sharing these experiences with you.


We had a small crowd so we didn’t demolish the lasagnas but they were delicious!


Star was a nice addition to our family this Thursday!


Just a few of my favorite ladies!


These gentlemen know to host a dinner!


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