Get Out of the City!

Pronto! I mean it, too. It’s for your health! There’s nothing more refreshing than escaping the city (any city!) for a day or two. You can actually hear birds or babbling brooks. You can even see stars. Like, more than a couple stars. Try it, I promise it’s worth it. 

Sunday we drove to Colorado State Bend Park. We spotted an ostrich farm on the way which was pretty awesome and set the tone for animal encounters for the trip. We later saw a variety of super cool birds (I don’t know what any of them are, sorry), MANY armadillos which I had never seen before except for as roadkill, deer and a raccoon. The deer and raccoon were are our only neighbors this weekend. About 7 deer grazed around our campsite late into the evening paying absolutely no attention to us. The raccoon rudely got into our Rubbermaid tub and stole the Cheezits, although I have to commend his selection. 

We spent a beautiful afternoon hiking about 8 miles to some falls and back along the Colorado River but woke up this morning to a bitter wet cold. When our camp stove started acting up while we attempted to heat up water for coffee we just decided we’d made the best of the park and headed for home. Even though our trip was cut short it was still so relaxing and rejuvenating. 


Nothing like sleeping to the sound of the river.




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