Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

At least I hope so since I haven’t posted in weeks. Here’s the scoop: I was sick as a dog for a couple weeks and now I’m deeply involved with a book, Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. So good- you should definitely read it! I also have a new hobby- Pinterest. I loved it before but now wedding planning has me on there daily. It’s like an obsession. Alaskan boy has mentioned several times that he is not a fan of my new hobby and has taken to calling our wedding “Buckingham Palace”. This is because I want tablecloths, by the way, and other similar items.

Other new stories hot off the press:

I’m so sunburned from my Saturday bike ride in Taylor from short line to sock line. I look like a true cyclist… who is also a lobster. On a positive note I’ve raised over $1100 for the National MS Society! I’m hoping to hit $1500 this year so if you’re interested in donating, it’s not too late! Check out my fundraising page here.

After almost three years of riding in toe cages, I’ve finally moved up to clipping in. That’s right, I’m fully dorked out now with spandex, bike shoes and all. Currently my left foot must stay attached to the bike once initially clipped in. It’s a miracle if I can clip in and out more than once in a ride.

Alaskan boy is headed back to Alaska in two weeks so I’m preparing to stock up on ice cream and start watching the most recent season of Vampire Diaries. Why yes, this is how I enjoy my alone time. It is very strange to know that when he comes back in the fall, we’ll get married. I’m still getting used to wearing my engagement ring. I think it makes my hand look older because I’m used to seeing the ring on my mom’s hand or my Nene’s. And regardless of that the ring feels very mature compared to anything I’ve worn before. Does this mean I’m supposed to be mature now? Yikes!

Sorry for the boring post. I promise to do better next time. In the meantime, let me leave you with this awesome excitement.

April 6th y’all.



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