Happy Rex Manning Day (belated)


So I’m a little late on this but yesterday was Rex Manning Day. If you don’t know who Rex Manning is, just skip this blog post.

If you were ever even the slightest bit into the movie, Empire Records, you know who I’m talking about. Just thinking about the movie fills me will all the best parts of being in high school: watching this movie on repeat in my friend Lisa’s basement, writing “Damn the Man, Save the Empire” on literally everything with Katie M. in class, being in love with AJ, mockingly practicing my Lucas dance moves with friends, drooling over Debra’s Vespa (and being able to drive in general…), and dressing like Corey (just how short of a skirt will my mother let me wear?).

Whenever anyone says they like Empire Records, I immediately have a permanent soft spot for them. Nothing can undo this. Alaskan boy lost major points when he said he wasn’t a fan of the movie but the way he tried to sidestep the issue made it clear that like politics and religion, this wasn’t an issue he should really dive right into. Good man.

In high school there’s this incredibly powerful feeling of us against them.  It’s different cliques at school against one another, teachers v. students, parents v. their kids and the underdog v. the man. You constantly feel like you’re battling everyone. It doesn’t help that you’re your own worst enemy with logic and emotional control still primarily out of reach. You’re also fighting your parents on the rules, your teachers on your grades, jerks at school and then there’s the general feeling like the world is out to get you. I think that’s why I like Empire Records so much.

So to Empire Records fans everywhere or to those who can just relate, Happy belated Rex Manning Day!


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