Perks of the Semi-Single Life: Rosie and the Ramblers

One of the perks of the semi-single life this year has been that I’ve caught two Rosie and the Ramblers shows in the last couple weeks. They play at the White Horse every other Monday night but I never make their shows as they play at midnight (doesn’t anyone have a day job anymore?!). So it’s a treat to catch them on the weekend or at a reasonable hour (now I just sound old).

I first saw Rosie and the Ramblers play because the Alaskan boy’s brother played in the band. I immediately developed a friend crush on the front woman, Selena. I don’t think anyone can watch her play without also having this issue. It’s hard not to notice the intensity and far away looks she croons her powerful ballads with and every sassy song is performed with an undeniable smirk. You get the feeling she’s laughing at her own joke when she sings funny tunes like Minivan and you’ll probably be laughing with her. Her songs are well-written and poignant, sung from a surprisingly powerful voice.

So, to sum this up this is one of the perks of my summer and it should be yours too. Check it out! New album, Whatever You Need, coming out in May!



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