Pretty, Glossy, Short and Sweet

I freakin’ love magazines. They’re so glossy and pretty with their big pictures and make you feel like you know a thing or two with their super short articles that give you just enough to be intrigued but not enough to get bored (or to actually really learn anything). Now you can throw into a conversation, “Oh, no actually Kanye West berated Anna Lebowitz about the wedding photos, not so and so. I read about it.” Done! Now, you sound informed (sort of).  If my budget would allow it, I would read a lot of magazines. Unfortunately my budget is already stretched thin by books so magazines are considered a treat. 

Magazines I indulge in: 

US Weekly– Let me clarify by saying I would never buy this (okay, so I may have bought it religiously in college but I wouldn’t now). I realize it’s garbage but one of my coworkers brings hers from home and leaves in the bathroom at work. Suddenly I’m a captive audience. 

Outside Magazine– This magazine can get old sometimes with all their features on gear and crazy people who run an ultra-marathon every week but I get all kinds of excited over their hike and weekend away suggestions. And I never miss the best towns or best places to work issues. Inspiration for the future! 

Poets & Writers- I know, dork alert. I don’t know if I’ll ever be dedicated or talented enough to really call myself a poet or a writer but I love reading about what’s going on in the industry and what gets and keeps writers going. One day I might be able to count myself in that category…

Bitch Magazine– You need to read this. I know it sounds abrasive and you probably think it’s angry militant feminist propaganda but it is absolutely not. 

Bitch Media’s mission is to provide and encourage an engaged, thoughtful feminist response to mainstream media and popular culture.

…And it’s my opinion that it does just that. It provides balance and substance to what it often an otherwise shallow and anti-women media. It does not cheer women on exclusively or unconditionally. I read the latest issue on a plane trip this weekend and ate up every word of it. When the flight attendant said, “Oh I’ve never seen that magazine before” I was a little embarrassed, but when I told her what it was all about she just nodded her approval and walked on down the line. 

It’s just a magazine. It’s a small effort on your part to check it out and maybe get to learn a little about a lot, so why not? 



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