Too Hot!

Things in my life that are too hot to handle: 

1. This weather- I would show you a picture of the forecast but apparently there’s a ten percent chance of rain this week. Normally just shows me pictures of hot blinding suns with “High: 100F” underneath each one. 

2. Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival- I feel torn about saying this but I don’t think I could ever handle another Hot Sauce Festival. I swore it off three years ago after it was 112F that day but I tried it again yesterday because Rosie and the Ramblers were playing. Yeah, that was fun and all but my North Carolina body simply isn’t made to sweat like that. I was drinking ice water constantly but I still feel dehydrated. You should try Mikey V’s salsa though. So fresh tasting!


Rosie’s too hot to handle! Photo Credit: John Anderson, Austin Chronicle


3. Omni Fight Club- Tried cardio kickboxing this morning and am feeling so beat! That was a very sweaty experience. My friend is trying to convince me to keep going but I’m going to have to see how tomorrow goes. The soreness could be more than I can handle. Also, in my defense I did ride my bike to the class. 

How to Handle the Heat: 

1. Deep Eddy’s Grapefruit Vodka & Topo Chico- very refreshing! A squeeze of lime is essential with this drink.

2. Domino’s Pizza- When you don’t leave your house, the heat can’t get you. Don’t be disturbed when you eat half the pizza for dinner by yourself and the other for lunch the next day. Blame the heat!

3. Watching old episodes of True Blood. Laying in bed watching Eric Northman will get you through any rough times. 


Also, I’m desperately craving cheddar cheese (I can’t explain this either), but I have no desire to go outside. If anyone does cheese delivery, please come on by. 

And… just googled “cheese delivery”. Apparently this is a thing in Montreal. Let’s all do our part to bring it to Austin. K, Thanks.



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