Where is My Mind?

I wish I had some mind blowing comments to share with you about the state of the world but I am distracted. I’m about to get married in less than five weeks and that’s pretty much all I’m thinking about right now. Alaskan boy is about to be on his way back to big skies and hot temperatures after his last season up there. I guess I won’t be able to call him Alaskan boy anymore. That’s because I’ll be calling him HUSBAND! I’m going to assume you can imagine all the crazy feelings that creates internally when I say/write that word. In case you can’t, think about a flip-flopping stomach, a racing heart, butterflies, and a mind that’s going “Ahh!!! *$#^!@#^&*!” Crazy major life changes…

Extremely non-important things that are taking over my brain:

  • Pies (This is not unusual.)
  • Labels for wedding favor jars
  • Gifts for the “bridal party”- mainly the kiddos. Jewelry has been suggested but I haven’t found anything that I’m crazy about yet. I hardly get to see them so I want to make sure they still think I’m the cool aunt and this is my chance to drive that home… I welcome suggestions.
  • Whether or not it will rain that weekend- Don’t worry. I am totally aware this is a ridiculous waste of time but recently it’s been coming up in my brain a lot.
  • How insanely weird changing my name will be- In case I haven’t already told you I am planning on changing my name. Which is crazy because I love my name. I love being called Bos (there’s only like three people who call me this but FYI I really like that about those people). The part I struggle with the most is what if one day I actually pull it together enough to publish something. My new name is not the one I’ve dreamed about being on the cover of a book (or many books, duh).
  • Oh, and the fact that we’re moving at some point to some where. All those unknowns are pretty distracting.

Is your brain on overdrive too?


3 thoughts on “Where is My Mind?

  1. you´re changing your name?!?! how has this never come up in our conversations?! how had i never thought to ask?! oh my!! have you practiced signing it a bajillion times yet? you know you will always be bos to me, whatever fun new last name you take on.

  2. Yeah you can totally publish with your maiden name as your pseudonym! Or you may find you just wanna keep it simple. Either way, exciting times are coming! Enjoy them, because they will fly by!

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