Since I’m busy…

I have started three drafts of a blog post in the last week. Clearly none of them have made it very far. I won’t bore you with the topics that didn’t quite make the cut. Instead I’ll talk about other ridiculous things.

You know how when you plan something out of town, everything exciting that is ever going to occur happens at the same time? I’m going out of town for two weeks in October (to get married- Ah!) and so many awesome things are happening. I realize that my activity is better than all the other activities but I’m still annoyed at the timing. Here’s what I would do if I was going to be in town:

See Neil Patrick Harris at Bookpeople

In case you’re questioning my love for NPH please go here and here.

Check out Caroline Chocolate Drops at the Belmont

Go to Texas Book Festival

Last year I saw Sherman Alexie speak and it was one of those moments where everything you believe is reaffirmed. Like this guy that you’ve admired and followed is just as cool as you thought he’d be. It was like that.

Here’s an interview so that you can learn a little about him.

Watch An Evening with Lena Dunham (also if it wasn’t sold out)

She’s a young woman who has had so much acclaim and controversy so early. It absolutely fascinates me. Check out New York Times’ review of her book.

Oh, but then I would also go out of town and go to Black Pot Festival. Since I first came to Austin everyone has been telling me how cool it is. These guys told me about it:

So you should go. Cause I’m busy.


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