I’m Back!!

It’s almost a month since I last posted anything. I thought about blogging alot but I’m sure you can understand when I say, weddings come first. Especially when it’s your own. The event pretty much took over… everything. I’m planning on blogging about it when I get a little more distance from it. But in the meantime the first 15 days of marriage are going great!

To get myself back in the mode of blogging regularly I’ve accepted Yepindeed’s November blogging challenge. So expect to hear a lot from me this month! Obviously November started yesterday so I’m already a little behind. Yesterday’s topic was my November goals:

1. Finish wedding thank you notes.

2. Create an acceptable level of chaos in the apartment. 500 square foot apartment + 2 people + no closets + wedding gifts = a lot everywhere all the time.

3. Start job hunting. I’ve already started training my replacement at work (Kat 2.0) so it’s time for me to start putting my feelers out. The husband (upgraded from Alaskan boy) has already started his hunt. Scary!!

4. Successfully complete this November blogging challenge.

The last eight months of being engaged have been pretty hectic so I don’t want any more goals than that. I’d also like to start cooking more but I’m not prepared to make that a goal.

Let the blogging begin!


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