Sunshine In My Step

I have some fail-proof ways to brighten my every day.


Kombucha is such a treat to me. One day I’d like to make it myself but right now I don’t have the space or the patience. In Austin there are a lot of places that brew and sell. My favorites are Kickin’ Kombucha and Buddha’s Brew. Buddha’s Brew is available on tap at the Downtown Farmer’s Market and Kickin’ Kombucha can be purchased by the growler at Whole Foods.



In desperate times Kombucha may be substituted with Dr. Pepper. In a can. Plastic bottles need not apply.


If you’re not sure what to listen to just try this playlist for a bit.

Peanut butter flavored ice cream

Any ice cream that involves peanut butter will do, but if you can get a hold of Haagen Dazs Peanut Butter Pie it will change your life. And possibly your pant size.


Going outside

A short walk on the hike and bike trail at Town Lake is an instant mood lifter.


Today is my dad’s birthday so I’ll be brightening my day with this photo. Today, this one is my favorite.



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