Pinterest: Gift or Curse?

Oh cruel temptress. You inspire me and torture me. You inspire me with recipes and crafts to try and then torture me when I can absolutely not complete them.

jewelry box

The Pinterest inspiration


My own jewelry boxes that I made for my nieces last Christmas


The inside of the jewelry boxes

photo (16)

Best picture of anything I’ve made. Look at this little adorable Olivia enjoying her hat!


Semi-successful picture to wood transfer Christmas gift


It had a lot more of the worn look than I was expecting but it was still pretty fun.

If you’re looking for your own Pinterest inspiration check out:

Ardent Camper

Self-described “nerds who love the outdoors and exploration,” these two have recently purchased a RV and are hitting the road full time in the coming months. Look to their Pinterest boards for inspiration for places to visit and ways to deck out your RV!

Broke-Ass Bride

“Using creativity as currency to rock a bad-ass wedding (and life!) without breaking the bank.”

While I followed and enjoyed a lot of wedding inspiration blogs but this is the only one that I felt was reasonable, fun and that my style really related to.

Karen Johnson

Karen is a coworker of mine and I love her Pinterest boards. If you like knitting/crochet patterns, healthy recipes or DIY natural remedies, you should follow her too.


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