Austin/Texas Bucket List

I spent my morning yesterday getting caught up on Ardent Camper’s blog. I love hearing about all their preparation to hit the road in an RV traveling the country. What an inspiration! I really enjoyed reading about Marie’s Bucket List Hikes which include two that are at the top of my list: Appalachian Trial and Pacific Crest Trail. I’m not the avid hiker she is though so it’s going to take a little prep on my part!

It got me thinking about my Texas Bucket List and the things I’d still like to do and the things I just did not get to accomplish while I was here.

Austin/Texas Bucket List:

1. Go to Big Bend National Park

2. In conjunction with number 1 I would have liked to also explore Marfa.

3. Paddle the Real Camino Trail


Photo Credit: Rising Phoenix Adventures

4. Visit Austin Beerworks


5. Take in a show at the Moody Theatre/ACL Live.

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

6. Tour Blue Bell Factory in Brenham



7. Visit the Painted Churches in Schulenburg

8. Check out the LBJ Museum.

LBJ Presidential Library & Museum, Austin, Texas

Some of these things I can still work in but there’s some I’m just going to have to come for. Oh darn.


2 thoughts on “Austin/Texas Bucket List

  1. Aw, you inspire me too, Katharine! It took me 10 years of living in Texas before I ever made it out to Big Bend. I’d planned on checking out Marfa and the MacDonald Observatory that same long weekend, but I underestimated the amount of time it would take to drive between all of these places–especially within the National Park. My advice is to give yourself plenty of time… at least 3 days in the park and 2 days to explore surrounding areas, plus at least a day on each end for travel.

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