Don’t You Forget About Me

I’m still here! I’m taking advantage of being at my parent’s house and having access to the Internet. While I don’t have time to tell you about all of these things right now here’s a few posts that are in the works and will be coming your way soon.

Saying Goodbye

You Can’t Avoid Being Hurt But You Can Choose Who Hurts You

My Strategy to Making Friends in a New Town

My Lofty and Unrealistic Goals for 2015

Since those posts are all a little unrealistic and long for right now I will leave you with a recap of my week so far.


Look closely and you’ll see that these vehicles could not have held anything else. And together they traveled over 1,300 miles



Still thinking of Austin!



One thought on “Don’t You Forget About Me

  1. Glad the trek was a safe one, and I’m sorry we weren’t able to get up to Austin to say goodbye before you took off. I’m sure we’ll be in NC again one of these days, though! Enjoy being back on the East Coast!

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