The Benefits of Unemployment

There are many drawbacks of being unemployed, especially in a city where you don’t know anyone.

  1. Looking for a job is not fun.
  2. Sometimes the only activity you have is applying and interviewing for a job.
  3. You don’t have any friends to fill your time with.

I think you get the drift. On the other hand my new year’s resolutions are going great!

I’ve finished:

  • Empire of the Summer Moon, which I would highly recommend! If you have any interest in understanding the dynamics between the Plains Indians and the United States government, this is helpful. Also, it’s non-fiction but is still a page turner. And that’s coming from someone who is not crazy about non-fiction books.
  • I was Told There’d be Cake, which I had trouble getting into but ending rolling on the couch giggling as the book went farther along.
  • This I Believe, as previously discussed.

And I’m a cooking fool! The past week or so has seen Eggplant Calzone via Smitten Kitchen, Eggplant “Lasagna” via Farmer John’s Cookbook: The Real Dirt on Vegetables and Black Bean Chili from Slow & Easy.

Get jealous.

*In looking up the link for Farmer John’s Cookbook I learned there’s an award-winning documentary on Farmer John. I will definitely be checking that out! 


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