No More Funemployed Life For Me

This last two months I have been completely without work. I quit my job, packed up the cars and moved to North Carolina. We did the visit the parents thing during the holidays and made it back to the brand new home just in time for the new year. At first life was relatively busy. There were trips to Target, boxes to unpack, exciting new recipes to try, jobs to hunt for. The hubby started work a few weeks ago and not knowing anyone in town quickly took its toll. Funemployment is only fun if you’ve got people to hang out with. And money.

But I got a job!! I’m going to miss my runs at Greenfield Lake in the middle of the day, planning fancy meals almost every night of the week, and not getting out of my pajamas until 9 but life without structure is not for me. I can’t handle it. It left me saying, “I don’t know what to do with myself” way too often. The combination of not knowing anyone in town, trying not to spend money and trying to keep away from living my life on the couch was a struggle.

Blogging is going to be happening a little less regularly with new time commitment but I’ll work out my new schedule soon. I’m in the midst of making kombucha for the first time, creating some baby gifts and trying new granola bar recipes. All coming your way soon!


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