The New Girl


Oh, if only I was Zooey Deschanel. I don’t have fantastic bangs or a beautiful voice but I am the new girl here. It’s been four years since I’ve been brand new to a place and I pretty much hate it. The being new that is, not the place. It is unavoidable that part of the time a new person will feel: left out, lost (literally or figuratively), lonely, and tired of the overall feeling of “I have no idea”. I have no idea what that person’s name is (even though they seem to know mine). I have no idea where that place is that you’re talking about. I have no idea what I do at my job (well, I think I might now). I have no idea if I have any questions. I probably do have some but I’m too lost to think of them now. These are feelings I really hate. I don’t necessarily handle them with grace and in the last couple weeks I have certainly felt their strain.

There are enormous bright sides to being new though. Just taking a different way home from work is like an adventure. You see new shops and restaurants that you are excited to try almost all the time. When people find out you’re new they actually want to know where you’re from, why you moved here, and welcome you. The South is still as welcoming as ever. Saturday I had three wonderful conversations welcoming me to the city at two different stores. Two people in an arts store talked to me for almost half an hour about neat places to check out in the city. Best news yet? They even told me about a knitting circle. Thank goodness!!




Yes, searching for knitting memes was the highlight of my evening….


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