DIY Deodorant- Not Quite…

In an effort to get away from anti-perspirants I thought I’d make my own deodorant. I found a simple recipe on Greatist that seemed pretty easy to create. It smells great and looks fantastic.


I can’t get it out of the jar. When I filled the old deodorant container I wound it down too far and now it won’t roll up. I also filled a small half-pint mason jar with the rest but it’s too hard to get out. I’m keeping both in the bathroom now as it’s warmer and I’m hoping it will work better. Otherwise I’m going to have to microwave every morning. That’s a little unrealistic.

If you want to try it yourself here’s the ingredients.

DIYDeodorant_604 (1)

Melt the coconut oil and then mix it all up! Supposedly, it’ll be a success. The jury’s still out.


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