Exploring the Port City

Moving to a new city has its ups and downs. You don’t know anyone. You’re the newbie. You get lost going to the grocery store.

On the other hand every day is an adventure. Trying to find the grocery store is an adventure. You are excited about finding the shorter way home because that means you are really figuring things out. Every restaurant menu is full of new things to try because you’ve never been there before. Every bar has different beers that you’re not used to. No Lonestars here folks!

Slowly we’ve been trying to venture out and discover our new home. Some of my favorite things so far?

Greenfield Lake- Townlake doesn’t hold a candle to Greenfield. It has a four mile loop for your biking and jogging needs and it has alligators. Well, there are signs for alligators at least. I’m told that it needs to be warmer to spot any. It also has playgrounds, a skate/BMX park and Spanish moss. ‘Nuff said. In Townlake’s favor though, the hottie watching isn’t quite as good. Fingers crossed for summer time improvements.


Wrightsville Beach and the Intercoastal Waterway- It’s a beautiful beach. There’s no denying it and I know we’ll be there a lot once the weather perks up. We’ve been fortunate to have some days warm enough to explore ICW by boat and kayak.

photo 2

photo 3

photo 1

Brooklyn Arts Center– What a cool venue! This is an old church that has been converted for concerts and events. This past Saturday we went to an art sale featuring all local artists with shockingly reasonable prices. We biked over there so we didn’t get to purchase much but I have a stack of business cards so I can check out some of their websites.

Probably no bike riding today...

Probably no bike riding today…

Fork n Cork– This tiny spot is awesome. It’s definitely on the pricey side but the burgers are huge and delicious. I had a pimento cheese burger with bacon jam and my date (guess who!) had a duck duck goose. It was something insane like a duck burger with duck pate and a fried goose egg.

Sweet n Savory– If you don’t get the crab cake sandwich with fried green tomatoes and tomato jam you’re crazy. I don’t even know you live with yourself.

Bombers Bev Co.– I really like this spot. It markets itself as a retail store with a tasting bar, but it feels more like a small bar surrounded by to-go beers. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. We went for drinks one night and I’ve been to buy beer for home. Their selection will please anyone. Except if you have bad taste in beer. No Bud Light here folks.

Flytrap– This is a brand new little brewery downtown. It’s small and adorable. Their beers tend towards the sour side (Austinites, think Jester King) but not in an overpowering way. They had music when we visited and they have a food truck sometimes. It’s really strange to never see food trucks, y’all.

Wilmington Brewing Company– There have been many visits here. This is where we get all our homebrew supplies. They have free demos on Saturdays and a bar that serves their own creations and some “guest taps”. Every Friday they break a new beer of theirs. It’s owned by a UNCA alum couple so obviously we must all support them. UNCA doesn’t train anyone to be money makers so if somebody’s making it- support!

There’s also a Ziggy’s here which is crazy. I’ll explain why in another post. Time to drink some homebrew!


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