No Complaints Here

This may have been my first busy enjoyable from start-to-finish weekend in Wilmington. It was a weekend of exploring, luxury  and meeting people! And beer drinking. But that’s an important part of life! Right?

Through a variety of circumstances and generous people we were given a weekend at the Blockade Runner which we lapped up in every aspect. The room, the view, the little beach bunny I passed in the yard- all so great!


Good morning!


Beach bunny!


You want to give us champagne and chocolate covered strawberries? Please come on in!

I tried three new places this weekend:


Bartender- very helpful, service is excellent

Food- I’m just saying they use cheese sauce for their nachos. You can take that however which way suits you.

Drinks- Beer menu was limited but they had an IPA we’d never tried before that was pretty decent. That’ll work.


Service- It was hard to get the bartender’s attention but they were incredibly busy.

Drinks- Beer menu was awesome. They only had two of their own brewery’s on tap. I tried the Fish Tale Pale Ale and wasn’t exactly overwhelmed by it. The owner and/or manager stopped by though and told us to try it again a couple weeks. He didn’t feel this was their best batch. The bar itself was really nice. Exposed brick and beams everywhere. Had a great vibe- more sports watching downstairs, more chill upstairs. I’ll be back.

Wilmington Brewing Supply:

Ok, so I’ve been here before but only in home brew supply buying capacity. This was totally different. This was just to relax. Their beers are delicious and they have two back rooms that are not obvious from the main bar area. The back rooms have games and way more room for chats. It did mean we couldn’t hear the musician at the bar but our large group was able to spread out comfortably. Word to the wise, it’s a little chilly in these cool temps but it’ll be perfect very soon.

The best part of all of this was meeting new people! It was a wonderful, refreshing experience to meet fun people who live here and at least share the interests of craft beer and good food. To many more!


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