I’m Eating Your Gluten Allergy

You’re gluten intolerant/gluten free/Celiac? Not a problem. I seem to be making it my mission to eat your portion of gluten too. But! Only in a delicious homemade way. My last mission involved sourdough bread which is one of my favorite things. You may think I’m crazy but the best sourdough bread I’ve ever had is from Cracker Barrel. It has a soft chewy unlike any other I’ve ever had crust. I used to beg my favorites for it when we would go to eat there. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

I did not recreate this delicious bread but I did make some damn fine sourdough bread courtesy of Girl Versus Dough. Perhaps you’re already aware of this, but sourdough bread is a serious time commitment. I had no idea. It takes days! Despite that it does not require any real effort. I even forgot about it for a day and there were no consequences (as far as I can tell). And it looks like this:

Try it yourself: Homemade Sourdough Bread


I think this is day 2 or 3. Starting to get bubbly and a little sour smelling.


Definitely day 4- stinky and bubbly. Does not seem like something you want to eat. I completely forgot about it on day 5 and didn’t feed it but everything seemed to work out okay…


Girl Versus Dough told me to throw in some whole wheat flour so I subbed one cup of regular flour for whole wheat. Delish!


I started cutting before I remembered to take a picture! This recipe makes two loaves but someone who shall remain nameless was already chowing down on the other one.

Just looking at all the pictures of her yeast breads gets me moving towards the oven..


There’s no such thing as too much baking. Right?


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