Rain, Rain, This is Totally Fine Bring it On

It rains so much here. Well, not really. It rains a completely regular amount here. Sometimes it rains several times a week for part of the day. This is not fascinating to you. You are not impressed. Perhaps sometimes rain really annoys you. Maybe you moved to Seattle just to get way more rain.With the husband working outside now, he’s constantly disappointed by rainy day forecasts. Me, I’m just soaking it all up. I feel like life in Austin has dehydrated me. I need rain. I need to see it, hear it, smell it and feel it. Bring it on gloomy sky! I’ve planted in the garden, cleaned the bathroom, ran errands, hung pictures, brewed beer (or observed beer being brewed at least) and drank beer. Success.

One of sweetest gifts we received from our wedding

One of sweetest gifts we received from our wedding


I know these aren’t hung well, nor are they framed well but these are important photos. It’s comforting to have them up in the house.


“We’re Beach People Now” Summer Session IPA


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