Roller Coaster of Love

Long distance dating is a mess. It can be totally worth while but if it’s for a long period of time then go ahead and resign yourself to an emotional roller coaster.

Sometimes when your special someone is gone you’ll be all “Who runs the world? Girls.”


And you’ll eat cantaloupe for dinner in your most unattractive underwear while you watch Orange is the New Black. You’ll alternate between awesome lady time and awesome alone time.


And then just because you had to wake up alone you’ll lose your shit.


And the knowledge that your loved one has chosen to be in another location despite your relationship (unless this is a prison situation, that’s no so much by choice) will piss you off and you’ll be Dawson Leary crying all over again.

But the lowest point of all this roller coaster of love business was always right before my birthday. I wanted us to be together for my birthday because I am the kind of person who makes a very big deal out of birthdays. I tell everyone it’s my birthday for weeks. I drop it into casual conversations wherever I can. And so each year I dreaded my birthday. I was always making big elaborate birthday party plans but thinking about canceling and hiding away the whole time. But I knew if I just waited until May 22nd this would be the lift I needed to ride the next roller coaster wave. It never failed. My birthday parties are excellent.  Being surrounded by friends who are glad you were born is just a great way to spend a day. I highly recommend it. Never skip your birthday.

This year is different. This year there is no roller coaster. This year I am looking forward to my birthday. The days before have included the first book club meeting (yay!) and a hair cut and still hold seeing Lake Street Dive at Ziggy’s, the science of alcohol at the Cape Fear Museum and then dinner on my birthday with new friends. Ain’t too shabby.

It’s another year and I’m still getting older. Cheers to that!


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