Beer Tour of Wilmington: Palate

Despite a large covered porch, Palate isn’t a destination for rainy days. Nonetheless on a rainy, stormy evening we sat in Palate’s beautiful covered seating area. If you make the same choice, sit away from the windows. That rain is coming in.


Palate is a gorgeous bottle shop and bar that features a lot of… you guessed it… pallet wood. The outdoor area is nice in the colder days as they crank up the gas fire pits in each seating area. The service is great with patient bartenders who are glad to help you figure out your choice. It’s beer and wine only with a grab-your-own area for bottles and cans. Draft beer and wine are behind the bar. Draft beer is primarily served in goblets rather than pint glasses which makes Palate lose points with me. I realize they’re supposed to be served that way.  I realize they’re typically high in alcohol but I think it’s important to have a few beers intended for the pint glass on tap as well. It takes away from the beer snob feeling and gives the atmosphere more of a “for every palate” feeling (see what I did there?!).

The selection for purchase to take home is also great. It offers a great many choices and it’s convenient location to my work makes it very tempting for the way home.

This may not be my favorite bar in Wilmington but it does make me feel fancy and relaxed which I greatly appreciate. I’ll be sure to be back soon!


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