Beer Tour of Wilmington: Copper Penny

Sometimes you have big aspirations of taking an out-of-towner to try the best beer Wilmington can offer. And sometimes a torrential downpour and half-price bottles of wine lead you somewhere very close by- the Copper Penny.


I have to admit something. I did not think I was going to like this place. From the outside it reminded me of… basically any pub/bar on Sixth Street in Austin, Texas. I don’t mean that it looked like a place that someone would have a bachelorette party at or where trashy frat boys would throw up there. It just looked generic.

I readily admit that I was wrong. The half price wine we bought? Absolutely delicious. The service? Our server checked on us regularly and was very friendly. The atmosphere? Dark and cave like. It was perfect for the non-stop storming outside. The food? We shared spin dip and nachos which was fine although not anything to write home about. It was ample food for a good price. I’ve heard their wings are fantastic so that’ll be next time!


Overall Copper Penny ranked pretty high in the Beer Tour of Wilmington!


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