Beer Tour of Wilmington: Paddy’s Hollow

If you were to follow along on this beer tour and thought, “I need a week off. I’m going to skip one place.” Skip this one.


I hesitate to say this but… not a very impressive place. Paddy’s Hollow is reasonably cool looking inside although heavy on the Irish cheesiness. The service was fantastic! I really cannot say enough good things about the service. The bartender was our server and in addition to being incredibly attentive (but not overly so) she also gave my friend a new beer when she simply didn’t like the one she had chosen. No one ever does that. That’s fantastic.


We only ordered a couple appetizers- a sampler platter and a spin dip- but they were pretty bland and there wasn’t much to them. We finished them off pretty quickly.

Of course, the company was great so a good time was had by all and maybe we didn’t try the right thing but Paddy’s Hollow wouldn’t make my list of recommendations to a visitor to Wilmington currently.


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