Beer Tour of Wilmington: The Blind Elephant

It’s not often I stray from beer or wine. Cocktails, while delicious, are expensive outside the home. And in the home I am lazy. I want the instant gratification I can receive of pouring a glass of wine or opening a beer. No glass needed there.

But sometimes you feel fancy. Sometimes you are on a lady date with a friend who had free passes to a film festival (Cucalorus). Sometimes you are extremely pleased with the movie you chose (It Had to be You– not yet sold for distribution) and would recommend it to anyone. So then you need a cocktail. Right? To celebrate?


Finding The Blind Elephant is simple but requires more effort than most. You’ll need to peek down the alley way beside Front St. Brewery to catch a glimpse of the simple sign hanging under a single spotlight. It’s members only but you can join at the door (no fee) or come as someone’s guest.


It was a packed house Saturday night and it was a struggle to get a drink. We both selected Farenheit 451 which sounded sweet, sour and firey.  A Farenheit 451 is made with Lunazul Blanco Tequila, homemade ginger beer, cayenne pepper simple syrup, fresh grapefruit, lemon and orange juice. It did not disappoint. To keep it cold and refreshing a perfect sphere of ice floats and spins as you sip away.


There were old movies playing on two different screens (no sound) and an awesome upstairs loft area. Big comfy leather couches let you sink in and encourage you to stay a while.

The down side is the prices will not. Shelling out $9 for a cocktail that’s mainly ice will remain a treat not a regular choice. On the bright side they had a few beers on tap and a good wine selection to help you once you’ve spent all your cocktail dollars. I’d probably come on a night when it wasn’t so busy but I’d definitely come back.



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