Local Gifts: Wilmington, NC

When I first moved to Wilmington I was concerned about what sort of local products and art might be here. Would there be local beer? Yes! Local kombucha? No. Local art? Yes! Local sweets? Yes! Local better-than-normal cozies for your beer? Double yes!

You can’t always make everything for Christmas. Some people are not good recipients for homemade gifts or due to traveling it’s just impractical. This year my family agreed to only do gifts for the children. Adults exchanged a couple stocking stuffer type items but kept it very minimal. This gave me the opportunity to pick up a couple small items that were local.

South ‘n France Bon Bons

This was an easy gift to pick up- Port City Java! It was perfect for my brother-in-law whose number one interest is chocolate. I never know what to get him but handcrafted chocolates from Wilmington was a very safe bet.


Perfect for the those missing North Carolina. Photocred: Freakerusa.com

Lance “Tiny Arms” Strong for the cyclist and Dad for the new dad (supper club friends’ gifts). Photocredit: Freakerusa.com

The original plan for my supper club friends were Freakers for all but…I’m cheap and it was a struggle to pick the perfect one for each person. So in addition to a couple homemade canned goods and Freakers I also had to stop by The Pepper Mill Shop and Guttersnipe Press.


Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 4.36.39 PM

Gotta do the food themed gifts. Prints like “I don’t want to taco about it” or “Everyday I’m brusseling”? Sold!


For the friend who collects fridge magnets, I had to get him one for Wilmington.

Wilmington has a lot to offer and growing all the time. It makes me so excited to support the local businesses here!



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