Pregnancy Brain- Fact or Myth?

*No science will be used or referenced in this post. I’m all about the anecdotal truths right now. 

A couple years ago I was on the way to lunch with several coworkers. One woman, a mother of three who I admired both for her intelligence but also for her unfaltering patience, spoke of pregnancy brain. She described a fender bender she was in when pregnant with her third child, a situation that was clearly  her fault. When she blamed it on “pregnancy brain” I scoffed internally. This seemed like people blaming errors on having a “blonde moment” (another thing I take offense to).

Well, skeptics I am here to say I believe. I have to believe otherwise I am losing my mind. Let me present you with the evidence.

Exhibit A: This one is the smallest infraction but I’m building up here. Two weeks ago I jumped in the car with my car-hating dog in the back to head to our dog training class. I was already running late because I hadn’t been paying attention to the time. On the way I forgot where I was going and drove to Harris Teeter. It was when we went over a speed bump and Clara threw up that I remembered where I was going. Other versions of this same situation have happened multiple times. Luckily that was the only time that involved vomit.


Poor Clara

Exhibit B: Our dear friends were in town and one was describing a recent trip to Vancouver. She was giving us an excited description of a whale tour. As Tyler started to discuss east coast versus west coast whales I got incredibly confused. Why? Because I couldn’t remember what coast he lived on! I kept insisting that it was reasonable to believe that Tyler may have seen the same whales as the on the whale tour. Please note, Tyler and I have lived on the east coast for over 18 months now. It’s not new. It probably took me about 5 minutes to fully digest where I’d gone astray in the conversation.


This is where I live. It’s called the Atlantic Ocean. 

Exhibit C: Husband Tyler is somewhat colorblind so I am often correcting him in the color arena. That house is green not gray, etc. This past week I mocked him for thinking our dressers were both stained not painted. It took almost five days until I figured out that he was right. We gave away our painted dresser when we moved to North Carolina. Both our dressers are the same identical wood. One is the dresser my parents bought for my nursery. The other my mom bought when I was in middle school. I am very familiar with both of these dressers, and yet it took me FIVE days to come to this realization.


Also, a fact: I want ice cream right now. Really just every day, all day.


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