Third Trimester: The End is Near

The countdown has begun. We’re less than 2 months away from having a third person in our little family. A third person! If this doesn’t blow your mind, then we probably can’t relate to one another right now. I’m trying to prepare myself and our home as best I can (as it turns out I am a control freak) but it can be hard to balance between all the eating of chocolate I seem to be doing.

Current obsessions:

Dark chocolate covered raisins- I buy them in bulk from Whole Foods which makes them cheaper but not at all inexpensive or reasonable. It’s a lot of damn raisins.

Ice chips- I love to crunch and it helps me prevent all the unnecessary eating I keep doing. A handful of raisins is fine, a handful every five minutes? Perhaps not. Plus, we gotta keep hydrated!

Luke Cage– It was time for a new show in my life and so far this is just what I needed.

All things fall- Tis the season! Give me all your pumpkin spice, apples and hot drinks please!


This 15 pound box of apples was turned into applesauce and apple butter. It’s now canned and ready for winter! 

Baby prep:

Food- When my mom came to visit she made two soups for us to eat on and freeze the leftovers. I’m trying hard not to go ahead and dig them back out of the freezer! Try the Pioneer Woman’s Bean and Bacon soup or Carrot Thyme. Can you guess which soup was for Tyler and which for me? Tyler’s been adding to our freezer stock with fish he’s been catching and I’m hoping we’ll continue to stock things up before December.


It’s entirely possible to come home to my mother having cleaned the house and set places for two. Adorable, but there may also be Halloween candy EVERYWHERE. 

Cleaning- It’s a lofty goal but when we moved upstairs I deep cleaned every room in the house except the living room and kitchen. I’d really like to get these areas cleaned up before we add our plus one. I can’t imagine I’ll have much desire to deep clean once he or she arrives and who knows what sort of things are waiting to be discovered under the couch. Thanks, Clara…


Not this sleepy angel!

Christmas shopping- Convincing my family to give me their Christmas lists two months ahead of time continues to be a struggle (if my sister is reading this I’m talking to you!) but I’m really hoping to get most of my gift shopping done well in advance. With a December 14 due date I don’t have high hopes for accomplishing anything close to the holidays.

Total indulgence- I’m pretty terrible about feeling I need to maximize my productivity whenever I’m free. I spend my evenings meal planning and my weekends grocery shopping, doing laundry and making plans. Before the baby comes I want to spend a whole day or weekend doing nothing but relaxing, reading, crafting or whatever. I intend to spend the weekend mostly on my own doing whatever comes to mind. This might sound simple but it’s really not my strong suit.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on my bump game. Halloween really brought it to the next level.



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