Love Is In the Air

I haven’t abandoned the blog but I am still finding it hard to form complete sentences that others can comprehend. Taking Facebook off my phone has really helped but I think sleeping would improve things. One day! In the meantime, in the spirt of Valentine’s Day here are a few things that have warmed my heart as of late.

Activism in Wilmington, NC: At this time over 70 businesses have closed in solidarity with Latino and Hispanic communities in eastern North Carolina and across the U.S. There is a protest today in Hugh McRae park as an opportunity for individuals to show their own support. I long ago accepted that my views differed from the majority of residents in my state, but this is just the most recent reminder that I may be wrong and that everyone’s voice makes a difference. I’m not going to make it the protest so I’m doing what I can by supporting businesses that closed today. Here is an incomplete list (to be updated) if you are able to do the same.

Samara’s Village:  I recently read an article in Wilma magazine about this local non-profit who provides support in Brunswick County to teen parents. When I first found out I was pregnant I was overwhelmed. There was an incredible amount of information (often conflicting) about what to do to have a healthy pregnancy but little about how to get started with medical care and what decisions I needed to make. My first thoughts were how do teenage or immigrant women do this? How do they find the resources needed? I’ve been searching for an organization to volunteer and help those who decide to be parents (but that doesn’t exclude or judge those who terminate their pregnancies) and I’m hoping this is it. I’m working on my volunteer application today! There is an abundance of mom blogs or websites out there but I’ve been on the hunt for one that resonated with me. I wanted something inclusive without being overly idealistic. A parenting version of A Practical Wedding. This is one I came across this week which I really like because it has awesome playlists. That’s just what the doctor ordered. Does anyone have any parenting blog/website recommendations?

Suggestions Needed– In times of turmoil, it’s art that makes sense of things. Art does more than just provide social, cultural and political commentary. It helps us see issues from a new perspective or gives comfort when we feel isolated or distraught by the current climate. It connects us to neighbors that we believed we had nothing in common with. What writers, musicians and/or artists do you look to for solace or guidance in times of political or personal upheaval? It’s time to expand my horizons.

Also, there’s this guy.


We are incredibly lucky to have friends who visit from all corners of the world- even Canada!


This is my view when carrying the babe on our walks. Couldn’t be sweeter!



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