10 Baby Shower Gift Essentials

Baby shower season is upon us. Okay, I don’t actually think there’s such a thing as baby shower season but I’m attending 3 baby showers in 6 weeks so it feels like a lot. Three baby showers also means quite a bit of gift giving. This should be simple but… I hate registries.

This seems ridiculous. Registries are very helpful tools. You are told exactly what a person needs and how to purchase it. You’re even told how many they need of each item! This is too easy for me. I want gift giving to be personal. I want you to know I thought about your gift. Sometimes this works out very well and sometimes I fall short. Normally it just means I’ve taken a simple task and made it extra complicated. Instead of buying something straight off the list like any sane person, I have to put a lot of thought into it. I look into all the items I rely on or those I found surprisingly useful.

Baby Survival Items:

1. Burp cloths- You can’t have too many. We probably have twenty. We use cloth diapers as burp cloths primarily. To be honest every single one of our cloths has been sewn on by my mother. She’s a overacheiver and it’s awesome.


Happy baby with cutie burp cloth! 

2. Changing pad liners- The changing pad cover will get gross quick so protect it with a liner and that’ll give you some extra time between changing it. We have 3 of these.

3. Toys- Mortimer the Moose is definitely Haines’ BFF right now with lots of parts to chew and grab. A close second is Infantino Hug and Tug Musical Bug. This was easier for Haines when he was younger to grab onto and be captivated.

IMG_3340 (1)

Devouring Mortimer while trying out headphones. 

4. Soothie pacifiers– Not every baby digs on pacifiers but Haines definitely still wants one. We use the 0-3 month Soothie pacifiers.

5. Hand sanitizer- Although boring this is a reasonable gift for new parents. Now that our lives are 90% poop we go through a lot!

6. Wipe warmer– After the first couple diaper changes Tyler went out and bought one. Our December baby wasn’t handling cold wipes very well. A lot of sensitive hiney jokes ensued.

7. Boppy protective cover- You think you’ll skip this one. Save the money right? Okay well, just wait until your baby pukes several times a day on it and you feel it seeping into the pillow. Yes, just go ahead and wait.


90% of my photos have this boppy in the background. Pick a pattern you’re really going to like. 

8. EndIt! diaper rash cream– We learned about this in our second venture to the hospital. It’s made in NC and primarily available online. It smells like campfire or Beggin’ strips. That part is super weird but it works wonders! Cloth diapering parents beware- this stains. If we need to use it I switch Haines to disposables for the day.

9. Wet bags- I’ve mentioned these before but they’re so darn useful!! Drop in dirty cloth diapers or wet swimsuits or pukey clothes. The list goes on!

10. Swaddles- A lot of babies only sleep if they’re swaddled. I am terrible at swaddling so I relied almost entirely on SwaddleMes and Woombies. You can get the kind with arm vents so your baby can still utilize it even when they’re not being swaddled anymore.

Hopefully my new mama friends will forgive the gifts that aren’t on the list. Otherwise, that’s what gift receipts are for!


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