I love bacon. I’ve always loved bacon but this love is different, it’s newer, more evolved. I come from a family where we eat.. turkey bacon (are you already de-friending me on Facebook?) Honestly, it’s not that bad!

BUT, nothing compares to the sizzling aroma and taste of pork bacon. Bacon on the side of a bowl of grits. Bacon, just cooked, on a BLT. Bacon chocolate chip cookies. No, really. If you haven’t discovered the magic of bacon and sweets together it’s phenomenal.

Today I tried a restaurant: Bacon. It’s on the corner of 10th and Lamar where The Screaming Goat used to be. Eat there! It’s fantastic. It’s counter service and the staff behind the counter is patient and helpful. They understand the use of bacon in and on everything is new and a novelty. They also know it’s fantastic and they’re not afraid to tell you. There’s plenty of room inside to eat with one wall being used to project a movie. You’ll want to sit outside of course, on one of the yellow picnic tables. Grab a tea or Maine Root Beer on your way out the door. (They’ve got that crunchy, tiny pellet ice. Can’t pass that up!) Both my date and I got chicken and waffles. You will not be able to finish this, no matter how excited you are when it arrives. It is two enormous pieces of well salted, juicy fried chicken on top of a malted vanilla waffle. Get ready to clog your arteries, delight your tastebuds and cry with delight for Bacon does not disappoint. I also tried a bite of a bacon snicker doodle cookie. Yes.

Chances are there is not enough bacon in your life. Seek it out.


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