My Hero

There is a group of girls my sister has been friends with since my family moved to North Caroline. She was in the third grade. One of these girls has cystic fibrosis. She, Carrie, and my sister are not especially close but have remained friends their whole lives. Because of Carrie’s condition she is unable to carry a baby to term. When she and her husband considered turning to having someone carry their baby for them, my sister volunteered for the job. Carrying someone else’s child is not a simple favor. First there was psychological and physical testing. Then my sister had to give herself hormone shots everyday. Then she carried the baby for nine months.

Today my sister gave birth to little James Parker, a beautiful healthy boy and son of two proud, overjoyed parents. Growing up, people ask you who you hero or role model is. I said my sister until I got to that age where it’s embarrassing to admit you like your siblings that much. Luckily I’m grown up enough to admit that more now than ever, my sister is my hero. And I’m very proud of her.


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