My Week Without Cheese

If you know me, you know I love cheese. I also love eggs, beer, wine, butter, bread and bananas. But two weeks ago I (for reasons that remain unclear) I decided to go on this two week detox where I would have none of these delicious things. Well, I can have goat cheese which is fantastic but limiting. Normally probably eat 2 different kinds of cheese a day. Now I’m down to the wonderful but small world of goat cheese. (Have you tried goat feta? Insanely good! I love Swede Farm’s. Check it out!)

I’m not eating gluten of any kind, eggs, honey, bananas, oranges, shellfish, alcohol (minus a small break yesterday- but I think one evening of drinking out of two weeks is still pretty good), corn- the list goes on! Only Grass-fed, all natural meats and wild fish for protein. Supposedly I’m going to lose weight and feel a lot healthier. Not eating bread at every meal has been a really good thing. We did try gluten free pasta this week which is actually not disgusting. Plus, I’m having to be a lot more creative with meals. No grabbing a pizza or a sandwich if I’m running late. No breakfast for dinner. 

Great things I’ve learned from this experience: 

  • I like green beans. I’m not saying they’re my favorite but I definitely like them. I’m excited to add a new vegetable to my repertoire. 
  • An avocado heated up with salt, pepper, lemon juice and goat feta on it is like heaven on earth. 
  • All vegetables taste amazing when grilled.
  • Gluten free pasta is not only edible but tasty. Also it is possible to eat pasta without garlic bread.
  • Avoiding eggs is ridiculously hard. Sometimes they’re even in goat cheese. 
  • Buying the fancy grass  fed, all natural meats is completely worth it. You can taste the difference in every bite. 
  • I can feel comfortable in bars without drinking. 

I’m only one week into my detox so wish me luck on the second half! If anyone wants to try it I’ll send you the food lists. 

This is basically me now:




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