So long 2017

It goes without saying that 2017 was the biggest year of my life (so far). December 2016 we added a whole addition person to the world. It is very strange to think that we created a person and added him to our world. He wasn’t there before but now he is and life will never be the same.

This year our tiny person has gone from barely understanding how to feed himself to a person with preferences. He chases our dog around the yard. He prefers peas over sweet potatoes. His stuffed animals seem to freak him out a bit. He loves to dance to music and clap his hands. He also pulls hair and bites my shoulder way too often so it’s not all fun and games. He’s crazy active and I’m terrified that he’s going to wear me out before he can even talk.

But it isn’t all about HEB. There are two other people in our house who are also irreversibly changed. I can’t speak for Tyler and what becoming a dad is like. I only know that this life is so much harder than before. But I like this life. I love where we are. I couldn’t imagine any other.





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