Thank You

Sometimes it takes a little distance to get some perspective on a situation. Maybe even a few hundred miles… or so. Nothing is ideal right now. I’m still unemployed. I don’t have many friends. I still get lost every time I drive in Austin. (What’s with all the damn highways? How many can you possibly need?) I’m subletting in a house where I cleaned dry vomit off the walls when I first moved in. That’s a new low for me.

Right now I’m in Pittsburgh at my sister’s house where when I walk outside the wind cuts right through my brand new Christmas jacket. There are small children (who I love) everywhere underfoot, wanting, not satisfied, complaining and at all the same times instantly switching from being terrors to delights with little dimples and toys galore. I sleep on a love seat sofa until 6 am when I’m moved to a new location so little children can play there.

I’m surrounded by the people I love.

And even though my back hurts from sleeping on a beautiful although not super comfortable piece of living room furniture and I am tired of watching movies rated G and discussing what different dolls might like to do today, it is wonderful and good. My mother is making us another cup of tea (one more hour and we can switch to wine) and my sister is asking me to explain her new computer to her (what is better than to feel needed?) and a sweet blond-headed little thing would like me to read her a book and sit on my lap.

Bad things do not happen in threes. I caused a small accident in a parking lot before I started home for the holidays and the stress of it keeps me up at night  but I am reminded that good people exist everywhere and that I should be thankful for every encounter I have with one of these such people.

Thank you to the man at the Apple store in Pittsburgh who replaced my phone for free and was kind and courteous.

Thank you to my mother who does not mind when I call her fifteen times a day worrying about small things I should be able to figure out on my own. And if you do mind, thanks for never saying so.

Thanks to my father who is always generous.

Thanks to my sister for still wanting to run around the house and fight like when I was little and for always rolling your eyes at Mom at the same time I do. Thanks for the little nieces who always run to meet me and throw their tiny arms around my neck and think my real name is Aunt Kacky.

And thank you to the friends around the US and around the world who always manage to stay in touch and send me unexpected reminders that I am being thought of, that I matter to someone, that I have not been forgotten.

Just a little reminder, I’m thinking of you too.


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