A Crossing Over

There is this moment that can happen in a million different circumstances as a result of a million different situations. Everyone knows it, hopefully. It is the moment when admist all the chaos and turmoil of life, a clearing happens. The clouds part, the sun shines, and what used to feel overwhelming and hectic, seems managable.

When I first moved to Austin last month, I had only been here about two weeks when I called my mom crying.  I had had 5 job interviews without any luck. My house was lonely and empty. I knew two people in the city who as it turned out, had lives. Logically somewhere deep inside I knew that everything was okay. I had barely even started my life in Austin, of course nothing had happened yet. But the loneliness felt suffocating and bindin. It was wrapping around me breaking my spirit. So I made the logical choice: cry it out long distance style to good ol’ Mom, who said all the right things, none of which felt truly helpful.

But now, this week, I feel a crossing over has happened. My bogged down feelings are subsiding. I have a whole handful of people I can call (I don’t really know what a handful of people would be so maybe I should estimate the number to be around 4) to go out. This Wednesday I was hired on to a new bar opening up in Austin. On Saturday I saw a place I think I may move into to. Possibilities are coming out in the open. The fog is lifting and reality check here:

Things Are Never Has Bad as They Seem.


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