“Hi! I’m responding to Your Ad!”

“I’m 24 (which means I don’t want to live with a bunch of college kids
but I do like to get drunk 3 times a week on average).

I recently moved here (friendless).

I’m clean (except when living out of my suitcases because I throw everything around while just trying to find one thing).
I love to cook (Ex: for dinner tonight I’m having two mozzarella sticks,
the rest of a container of ice cream and maybe some grits. Yum).

I can’t wait to buy a bike here (if I can afford one. I’m not even sure
I can pay the rent you’ve advertised. Maybe if we don’t use electricity?).

I love being outside (assuming it’s warm outside of course. And I only really like to read outside. I’m not actually active).

I’d love to meet you (hope you’re not psycho).

Seeking Misadventure

The search for a home continues.


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