In Austin Summer’s Already Started

I love, love, love outdoor movies. This may be one of my top favorite things in the world to do.  Wanna go to the drive-in? Yes, please. Wanna throw a blanket down at the park with a picnic while we watch … pretty much anything? Count me in. And Austin’s summer seems to embrace this in its entirety, for free. I’ve started my summer outdoor movie watching with a classic, Casablanca, which I viewed in Republic Square Park with two lovely ladies and a stupidly enormous amount of food. Although I’ve seen Casablanca several times and always enjoyed it, I’ve never loved it… until I watched it outside. Everything is more epic outside. You’re getting the big screen experience but in a relaxed environment where no one cares in you talk a little, drink a lot and bring in your own food. Movie theaters close you off so you can get the full experience, so you will think of nothing but the scenes that play before you. Outside movies draw you in but you remain conscious all the while of the world around you. Neither is particularly better than the other but more me, outdoor movies combine the best of all possible worlds: the pleasant evening air, picnics, friends and movies.

I’ll be watching movies outside all summer courtesy of Central Market, Whole Foods, and Austin Parks & Recreation; brought to me by Alamo Drafthouse.  To join me check out the listings in the Austin Chronicle. (I love Austin, a place where even the grocery store puts on outdoor movies! For Free!!)


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