Just Keep Pedalin’, Just Keep Pedalin’

It’s National Bike Month! It’s also the first time this year that there have been multiple days of beautiful weather to enjoy outside.

I’ve written before about how much riding bikes and doing the BP MS150 changed my life so I think you know that I like bikes. Since moving to Wilmington I haven’t been doing nearly as much bike riding. Part of that is due to moving to a town that has a little bit of winter (unlike Austin) but part of is just not being in a bike culture. When I moved to Austin it was unfathomable that I did not own a bike. I would drive to a friend’s house and they would announce, “Okay change of plans. Kat drove her car over. Someone’s going to have to drive to the party.” It was like I had ruined everything by just not owning a bike. In Wilmington, not so much. I often see people riding bikes but it’s clear that cars aren’t used to riders.

But it’s May and it’s National Bike Month and both of these are convincing reasons to get back on the bike. Bike Month helps people understand that for many of us commuting by bike is a reasonable option. For many people it doesn’t take much more time to ride your bike somewhere instead of driving and with more bikes on the road they will become a familiar sight to drivers.

I am celebrating this month with a brand new bicycle. It’s my birthday next week and I received an early birthday present. After complaining about riding over cobblestone (the downside of a historic neighborhood) on my road bike, my husband surprised me with a hybrid to take me around town.


Don’t worry, my old trusty road bike and I won’t be separating any time soon. In fact the warm weather has given me the push I need to try to join a local biking group. I’m a little rusty but I’m ready to get back in the saddle!



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