Debt Makes Me Panic

To me it sounds like a reasonable response, but I don’t think most people panic in response to debt. I think most people are accustomed to debt. This is what the media tells me anyways. I am a privileged, lucky human being who is not used to debt. It all comes back to school. Most people I know and almost everyone I know who is younger than me has school loans. I recognize how incredibly lucky I am and how different my path has been because I do not have school loans. Also, I am the kind of person who writes down everything I spend… down to fifty cents.

So it seems ludicrous to me to willingly take on debt.


But that’s life, right? Currently we are looking at purchasing a home. Buying a home is not for amateurs. There should be a class for this (I’ve heard there is but I’m too busy panicking). It seems like it’s all fun and games when you’re cruising on the Internet looking at houses but when LOAN APPLICATIONS get involved it’s hives galore.  Now all I can think about is:

I’ll never be able to quit my job! (I have no intentions of quitting my job. In fact, I’m not sure under what circumstances this would be an option.)

I won’t be able to build up my savings anymore! (But…wasn’t I saving for a house?)

I’ll have to be so careful with money! (I’m already Scrooge level frugal. I don’t think it can get any worse.)

Alright, well now that I’ve worked that out- fingers crossed that we’re homeowners soon!



One thought on “Debt Makes Me Panic

  1. Debt should make everyone panic! As long as you’re in a sound place with your finances and you sign for a 15 year or less term, you are making the right decision so don’t sweat it! 😉

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